Angel's Sin (Fall From Grace I)

Author: James Potter

Angel's Sin is about Grace, the young hermaphrodite angel who travels to the mortal world from her heavenly home of Celestia. This is the tale of her erotic misadventures, beginning when she meets several lusty and busty succubi.

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Grace, a young hermaphrodite angel of Celestia, leaves her heavenly home to adventure around the mortal world amongst the humans, elves, and various other earthly creatures of Midgar. Grace wishes to learn about the mortals and their world, and she hopes to find love just as her parents did when they ventured to the mortal world. Despite her young age, Grace is allowed to leave the protection of Celestia to begin her journey. In exchange, Marianna, goddess of love, asks that she locate a young woman who went missing before her wedding. Along the way, however, Grace has some unexpected meetings that make her question her beliefs, her teachings, and herself. Join our young angel in this lust-filled adventure as the Fall From Grace story begins.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Futanari, Angel, Succubus
James Potter
Heat Level
Heat Level (4)
James Potter
Fall From Grace



It took her a few minutes to get over to where the sawmill was. Grace saw some workers doing their jobs and bringing in more timber to cut as she went through, heading over to the path marker which was right where Diana had said it would be. She made her way over to it before a couple of the mill workers called out to her. “Hey, lass, it's dangerous in them there woods. You shouldn't go in there without someone to accompany you,” one of them said, a black-haired man who looked to be in his mid-forties. He was sweaty from a hard day's work, and he was missing the tip of his pinky finger on his left hand from the first knuckle up—likely from a sawing accident, considering where he worked—and he had some stubble growing on his chin that gave him quite a rugged look. “My gods, miss, you are absolutely stunning. I've never laid eyes on such a beautiful woman before. M-Might I ask your name?” the other man said. He looked to be much younger, not much older than Grace herself by the looks of him, maybe around twenty to twenty-one at most, and he was quite handsome himself, though he had a bit of dirt on his face. He looked almost enamored with Grace and simply stared at her for a few moments before the older man thumped him lightly on the back of the head to bring him out of his stupor. “Come on, boy. Snap out of it. Haven't you ever seen a pretty girl before?” the older man said, shaking his head slightly before looking back to Grace. “I apologize for him, miss. He's young... just as you are from the looks of you. What be you doing here and heading into the woods, if you don't mind me asking?” he then said, curious or maybe worried about Grace since she aimed to head in there. “It is alright, good sirs, I am investigating the disappearance from the other day,” Grace replied with a polite bow to them both. “And thank you for the compliments, but I must be off, for it is my job to rescue the young lady that went missing the other day,” Grace went on to say with a bright, happy smile, which simply seemed to take away any fatigue the two had, as both of them took in a deep breath and stretched as if they'd just woken from a nap. “Well, do be careful in there, then, young miss. I'd hate to see someone as beautiful as you get hurt investigating what even the rangers couldn't find answers to,” the older man said once Grace was done. He then bowed politely and grabbed the younger man's shoulder after he bowed, too, and pulled him back off to the sawmill. They both looked worried about her, but the older man didn't want to bother her since she seemed intent on doing what she was. The younger one kept glancing over his shoulder at her as she turned and entered the forest. After entering the woods, Grace followed the path as Diana had said to do, making her way to the flower patch the girl had been going to the day she went missing. Soon enough she arrived without much trouble, the flower patch entering her field of vision directly in front of her as she came around a few trees surrounding the path full of beautiful flowers. So many different kinds of flowers were planted there in the rich soil, and the view was simply breathtaking, Grace thought to herself. There was something off about the place, though, and that was a single area where the flowers were trampled and squashed into the dirt some, leaving the sad-looking things mostly damaged beyond repair. Seeing the flowers in that area like that, Grace could only assume that this was where Katarina had gone missing, as the damage looked fairly fresh, but not too fresh. “Hmm, so where did whoever or whatever it was take her? And how did the rangers miss something this obvious?” Grace mumbled to herself as she looked at the flowers. Then she looked around and saw a trail of flower petals that led over to the edge of the clearing away from the path. While she pondered what to do next, Grace used her holy healing magics to repair the damage to the flowers, letting her wings unfurl once more as she stopped the spell to hide them. Once she was done with that, Grace got up and began following the trail of petals over to the edge of the clearing. It looked to her as if someone had been dragged this way, but she was unsure really. Deciding to go check in the forest in the direction the petals went, Grace headed into the woods to explore that region, hoping that she'd at least find a clue of some sort to help her out in her search. After a while, at least two to three hours or so, with nothing to show for her search, Grace was about to give up and head back to the town for the day, but just then in the distance she saw a small cottage with smoke rising up from its chimney. It looked as if it was an old hunting cabin of some sort, though she had a sudden feeling of foreboding for some reason that she couldn't explain. Cautiously moving closer, Grace remained as silent as possible until she was near the front door. There was a window there with the curtains open that she could see through. Inside were two blonde-haired women, both young and very beautiful, looking around their early twenties or so. They were both tall, about six feet from what she could tell, making them taller than Grace by half a foot at least. They were also voluptuous in every way imaginable, which was shown even more by the fact that she watched the pair undress right there in plain view as if they didn't care that someone could see them through the open curtains. As she stood there watching them from behind a tree, Grace felt a heat stirring in her loins and was mesmerized by the sight of the two gorgeous ladies within, who looked like sisters with only a few small differences between them both: the one on the right had a cute little beauty mark on her right cheek, while the one on the left had one on her left cheek exactly across from the other one, and the one on the right wore her quite long hair in a long braid that fell to the top of her butt, while the one of the left wore hers in a long loose ponytail down to her own butt. Her cheeks red as a beet for some reason at the mere sight of the two undressing, Grace nearly turned away when she watched the two hug each other as the ponytailed one hiked the braided one's leg up and pulled her into a deep lover's kiss. This caused Grace to gasp as her own robes began to tent at her crotch as she watched, and she found it increasingly difficult to tear her gaze away from the pair. Looking down at the crotch area of her robes, Grace pulled them open slightly to reveal her penis was hard as a rock, but still trapped somewhat within her panties, thankfully, else it would be bumping up against everything she might walk past. “Oh gods. It's doing it again. W-Why does it do this every time I see... w-women naked l-like this?” Grace whimpered aloud as she pulled back around the tree and leaned against it, finally managing to tear her gaze away from the pair. Moments later, Grace, being unable to resist the temptation, leaned around the tree again to look at the two, only to find that they were no longer there in the window. “What the—where did they go?” she mumbled to herself as she pulled her robes closed again and tied them back in place.


Definite Read!Review by simon
This book is lots of fun, a definite must read if you are into some 'descriptive smut talk', featuring angels succubi and many more...also has certain sequences with nice lyrical language! Description of the landscape sceneries is top notch 'swell. (Posted on 8/14/2015)

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