Bad Boiz

Author: Kenn Dahll

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Bad Boiz is a compilation of seven of Kenn Dahll’s steamiest stories. Each contains at least one antisocial, manipulative, or addictive character propelling the narrative to a conflict of near catastrophic proportions−virtue versus evil incarnate. From the controlling Andy in Blood Brothers, to pompous Greg in At Your Service, scheming Antonio in Getting Wet in the Mall, malicious Blaine in Cruise Ship Trickery, domineering Storm in his eponymous story, tortured Brian in Irish Punk, and dependent Rico in Skateboarders−each an antihero in his own way−each poses obstacles to Kenn’s protagonists as they all to reach a happy ending. [Four of the stories have been reviewed and the comments are quoted below.]

Blood Brothers: “So much more than you expect!
As children Andy and Joey were inseparable. Next-door neighbors, best friends and blood brothers, they swore to be friends forever and to watch each other’s backs. But people change. And although they remain friends, Joey’s feelings for Andy start to come between them. Told from Joey’s point of view, you experience his anguish at realizing his attraction for his best friend, his anxiety that someone would find out and finally the acceptance of his sexuality. Blood Brothers turned out to be so much more than the erotic short I first expected. It evokes a broad spectrum of emotions meant to tug at the heartstrings. From expectation… how far will they take it this time, to feelings of empathy for the anguish and destitution Joey feels over his unrequited feelings. Although I found this to be very erotic, it was more about the self-realization and coming of age of a young man in the 50s than about a fleeting romance or sexual adventure.” IproCN, Posted April 4, 2013

At Your Service: Love or lust? Just sex or is it something more meaningful? These questions are in Jason’s mind when Downton Abbey meets Palm Beach and he becomes the valet to the filthy rich heir of a Russian businessman.

Getting Wet in the Mall: “I love to read these types of stories every now and then. They make me appreciate the subtle and not so subtle differences in the written world of man love and sex.” xbmbgrl, Rainbow Reviews

Cruise Ship Trickery: Sun, sea, and sex are what James, a wealthy gay man fond of seducing straight young men, expects from the cruise ship adventure; what he finds are sun, sea, sex, extortion, and surprisingly love.

A late bloomer, Blake is in his junior year at Mid-Atlantic University when he discovers the non-academic lessons of college life: sex parties; three and four-way fuck fests; the pleasures and pain of bondage and discipline; a bevy of available and willing hot young men; and, the irresistible lure of a long, hard, fat cock! That’s when Blake meets Storm.

Irish Punk: “Is it possible for a story with D/s, bondage, incest, humiliation and masochism to result in a true love story? Well written but the publisher made many typos. It was 214 pages long on my iPad in portrait mode (i.e. 1 page at a time). Exceedingly well done and highly recommended.” Review by Tom Canaday [Note: Typos corrected.]

Skateboarders: “Yowza. This story is page after page of delicious manlove. Hot, sexy, sticky and oh so graphic. I love the dirty boys and Skateboarders is a smorgasbord of young hot bois ready for anything.” Seriously Reviewed

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Bad Boiz is a compilation of seven of Kenn Dahll’s steamiest stories. Each contains at least one antisocial, manipulative, or addictive character propelling the narrative to a conflict of near catastrophic proportions−virtue versus evil incarnate.

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Additional Info

gay, M/M, contemporary, gay romance, gay erotica, romance, gay romance, BDSM
Kenn Dahll
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Mesmerized−that’s the word that comes to as I climb the lengthy staircase from the gym to the main level of the Mid-Atlantic University Student Union. For the entire length of the staircase, long enough to accommodate the high-ceilinged indoor basketball courts, I’m behind an attractive male undergraduate with his ass encased in baggy cargo shorts, the loose fitting material allowing his buns free rein to move side to side as he steps from one foot to the other on the steep incline. The sensuous display of a bubble butt in motion makes my dick hard. Thank the lord I started wearing a jock strap under street clothes outside the gym or my condition would be evident to all as a noticeable tent pole in my own loose-fitting shorts. I lose all track of time as I watch the shimmying of the blond twink’s enticing ass; the effect is like a cloth bag with two cantaloupes alternately raising and lowering from tread to tread, triggering my lustful imagination. I barely hear the voice of the student who has caught up with me on the stairs interrupting my fantasy ravishment of that perfect ass. “Nice ass, huh?” “What?” I almost lose my balance as I turn to face the embodiment of my own thoughts and find myself face to face with the archetypal ‘bad boi’, the quintessential ‘punk’, the contemporary James Dean. A permanent five-o’clock shadow embellishes his smirking face under a shock of dark brown hair cascading over his forehead. He continues, “I bet you’d like to fuck it. I have.” Before I can stop him, he taps the young blond student on the shoulder, causing the twink to stop and we move up to the step below his. “Dale, this guy here would like to stick his cock up your asshole,” the roguish student whispers rather loudly as we resume climbing the stairs. “I told him you weren’t a virgin since I took your cherry; but probably still tight. What d’ya say? We could go to my crib. No one will room with me because of my reputation,” the aside is for my benefit. “Fuck you, Storm. You’re a real jerk!” Dale moves quickly up the remaining stairs the view of his ass even more mouth-watering as he speeds up.


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