Blood in the Rain 2

Author: Cecilia Duvalle

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Table of Contents:
Nannadamu by Kella Z. Driel
Huntress by Moxie Marcus
Give It Welcome by Rhidian Brenig Jones
First Bite by Kiki DeLovely
Honey Blind by Angela R Sargenti
Layover by Elizabeth Schechter
The Stag Night by Kris Ashton
Devouring Heart by Andrea Dale
Sweeter Than Blood by Dale Cameron Lowry
Guys’ Night Out by Justin Bailey
Whoso List to Hunt by Olive Whittier
Knife Thrower by Sydel Brown
Meanwhile, in the Honeymoon Suite by Winter Blair
Death Is Passion by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Our Blood Like Rain by Nico Murray
The Last Bite Before Dawn by Michael Jones
A Fragile Thing by M. Stone
The Hall of Lace by Mary Trepanier
The Arena by Cecilia Duvalle

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In this second volume of Blood in the Rain, we continue our exploration of vampires. These blood-sucking, soul-sucking creatures of the night continue to fascinate--no matter how many incarnations they take, no matter how many worlds they inhabit, no matter how many ways they kill. Or suck and fuck. The variety of vampires and their hot, wet, sexy selves continue to entertain and delight us. This collection features vampires from ancient Sumer and Crete, modern tales set in airports and circuses, and dark futures with post-apocalyptic world-ending viruses. You'll find some stories by well-known authors such as Andrea Dale, Michael Jones, Jessica Salmonson, and Elizabeth Schechter, as well as a host of new writers. Some stories are outright hilarious, others bittersweet. Some stories are super-explicit, others moderately erotic. We've included a wide range of pairings and even a couple of ménage á trois. As befits a well-explored archetype, our vampires range from soulless to tortured self-loathing creatures. Some die in sunlight, others not so much. We hope that you'll devour this unique collection with as much as fun as we had putting it together.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Vampire Erotica
Cecilia Duvalle
Heat Level
Heat Level (5)
Cwtch Press
Blood In The Rain



From "The Arena" He pulls her neck toward him, buries his face against her warm skin. “Have you ever fed a vampire before?” 
She shudders against him. “No. Just that little taste in the arena that day.”
 He pulls at her dress, lifting it over her head. She has come to him naked underneath, just as she had been in the arena. Her breasts fill his palms. He pinches her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. 
 Delores grabs at him, works his cock out through the zipper in his trousers, and mounts him. He shudders under her, the warm wetness surrounding him almost too hot to bear. She rides him, taking from him what she needs while he sits under her nearly motionless. He is stuck; she is in control. 
He flops back against the overstuffed pillow and lets her do her thing, enjoying the taking. 
 She stops, slaps his face. “Nu-uh. You don’t get to just sit there.”
 He pushes up into her, but there’s not much room for movement. She tilts her head to one side and slides off him. His cock is shining with her juices. He is surprised when she plants her feet on the thick arms of the chair and lowers herself to his face. “Make me come.”
 His head is caught between her and the cushion. He moves his head side to side until he finds the sweet spot and begins lapping at her clit. She pulls at his hair. “Good boy.”
 He moans into her and she groans. He could push her off easily enough, but he is enjoying himself. He hasn’t had anyone sit on top of him for a very long time. He swirls his tongue around her clit, sucking it into his mouth like a miniature cock. 
“That’s it, little vampire boy. Suck my clit. You want to drink my come, don’t you?”


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Cecilia Duvalle

Cecilia Duvalle lives outside of Seattle and enjoys writing steamy stories and online role-plays.

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