Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays

Author: Olaf Sigurdsen

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A collection of 18 erotic short stories, Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays opens a window onto a world where brothers, sisters, and parents show their affection in ways that society often finds unacceptable. A secret world where students and teachers are much closer that you'd expect, and Sex Ed classes may involve more practice than theory. Also includes an Introduction by noted quack psychologist, sex expert, and crackpot theorist, Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD., just in case anyone really wants to know who was committing incest in the Bible (quite a few people, actually), or why making prostitution illegal endangers public health.

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This longish (42,000 word) collection of 18 short stories takes the reader into a world where the first day at a new school might involve a blow job from the head mistress and having sex with your twin sister in Sex Ed class. Where a male Sex Ed teacher at an all girls school can find that his day requires him to provide the demonstration equipment for a class on fellatio. Where being kept after class can turn into an orgy, or a shy student may enlist her brother when her homework assignment is to describe a sexual encounter. A world where friendship means sharing your big brother's cock with your best friend. Where a chronic failure of an uncle finally lands a good job selling ladies' undies, and just naturally tries out his pitch on his sister and niece, who just as naturally end up screwing the daylights out of him. There's even a rather pretentious Introduction, reminiscent of what "classy" (meaning hard core) sex magazines used to include in every issue so they could claim to have "redeeming social value" along with all the vaginas on display.

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high school, sibling, orgy, brother, sister, family, incest, teacher, classroom, lesbian, taboo
Olaf Sigurdsen
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About the Author

Olaf Sigurdsen

Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD., is the pen name of a possibly fictional academic at a prestigious Copenhagen university. Sigurdsen is most noted for writing complex, somewhat ridiculous "scientific" articles to provide "redeeming social value" to sex books.

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