It's All Relative: An Erotic Anthology

Author: Bill Foster

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There's something for everyone in this hot collection of family themed sex stories. One lucky guy takes his sister to Las Vegas and gets lucky at the tables and even luckier in the bedroom. A family reunion finds brother, sister, and mother all sharing the same bed. Prudish anti-porn crusaders turn out to be incestuous siblings. Niki's father won't have sex with her any more once he sobers up, so she turns to her brother for relief. A professor shares the stories of three incestuous couples from his landmark study. And readheaded twin sisters wind up screwing just about everyone at the nudist camp, including each other.

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This collection of eight short stories and one novella has something for every taste. When he won a trip to Las Vegas in "The Lucky Winner," Bill took his sister because no one else could go. He didn't expect to find himself staring at her cleavage and becoming aroused on the flight out. Sharing a room, he damn sure didn't expect her bedtime ritual to include masturbating to pay per view porn and encouraging him to join in. Then things got hot. In "Caught," there are more embarrassing things than having your sister walk in on you while you're jerking off---like having your mother walk in on the two of you while your sister is sucking you off. Still, some moms are more understanding than others. Or maybe just hornier. "Long Time Lovers" tells the story of Lars and Brigita, prudish brother and sister anti-porn crusader who have been secret lovers for years. "Shelly's Debut" tells what happens when an 18-year-old beauty decides to start doing porn, then shoots her first scene with an experienced male porn star---her older brother. Rounding out the collection is Julie Will's novella, "The Twins at Camp," in which redheaded sexpots Molly and Millie spend a week at an adult nudist camp, where everyone is having sex with everyone else. Besides doing each other, the twins find themselves in the middle of a group scene at the pool with the big-dicked O'Hara twins, and one of them even screws the "legendary" Roddy Fairlane, a porn star who claims to have "the world's biggest dick." But their special desire is for the petite, perfect front desk clerk, Nancy, girl genius PhD candidate in physics and insatiable pussy licker, who may have discovered the secret of the universe in a daisy chain with the twins.

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twins, siblings, vegas, brother-sister, mother-son, mother-daughter, nudist camp, redhead
Bill Foster
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Bill Foster

Bill Foster is the pen name of an Atlanta businessman.

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