Mismatch (Book 8 of "The Angel Falls Library Files")

Author: Forrest Young

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Two horny teenage boys…two sexually frustrated mothers…and one overheard conversation lead Audrey and Vivian into an agreement to “swap” their sons for some much needed sexual relief. As illicit as that is, something even more lascivious bubbles under the surface. In this 8th entry, our lusty librarian Paige sets the stage for what this mismatched foursome REALLY wants!

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In Paige’s 8th entry in her journal of taboo secrets, she tells the story of a very unusual foursome: Ethan and Greg have been inseparable friends since they were very young. Among the many things they have in common is they both have very attractive but very sexually frustrated mothers. When Greg’s mother Audrey overhears the two boys talking about women they’d like to have sex with, guess whose names come up? When Audrey reveals to Ethan’s mother Vivian what she overhears, the two of them devise a plan to “swap” sons to relieve their sexual tensions. Of course the two boys, being young and driven by raging hormones, eagerly agree to go along with it. It seems like the perfect solution, except for one little hitch: Audrey harbors secret desires to have sex with her own son, while Ethan secretly yearns for a sexual relationship with his own mother. However, neither Vivian nor Greg seem open to that idea at all. To make matters worse, they get the impression that Greg wants the fast, hard, pure lust-driven banging that Audrey craves as well, and Vivian prefers the slow, seductive build-up that Ethan longs for. When Ethan and Audrey explain their situation to our sexy librarian, can Paige devise a solution to set things right for this seemingly mismatched quad?

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Additional Info

adult, erotica, taboo, incest erotica, mother son taboo, age gap taboo, incest roleplay, incest romance, cheating, group sex, foursome, masturbation
Forrest Young
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Heat Level (3)
Boruma Publishing, LLC
The Angel Falls Library Files



An electrified panic shot through Audrey's body as she realized what she just said. Her eyes grew wide as saucers as she covered her mouth with both hands. “Oh my god! I'm so sorry, sweetie! I didn't mean… I just… Oh I am SO terribly sorry!” Audrey's fright intensified as she saw Ethan just look down at her in awed disbelief for a moment, his cock still fully impaled in her pussy, looking like he was afraid to move, to even breathe. She fully expected Ethan to pull out at any second, gather up his clothes and walk out in disgust, despondent beyond consolation. Audrey's panic mixed with confusion as Ethan withdrew his cock about halfway, then gradually slid completely back into her again. His face maintained the same expression of awed disbelief as he withdrew again then thrust back in, then a third time, only with slightly more force. “Ethan… what… what are you…” The confusion in Audrey's voice matched the confusion in her eyes as she felt Ethan resume fucking her, a strange lust starting to emanate from his eyes. “Say it again.” Ethan's voice was barely a whisper, his words intensifying the confusion on Audrey's face. “What? What do you mean?” “What you just said. Tell him to fuck you again!” “You… you mean Greg?” “Yes!” Audrey's mind swirled at what Ethan was actually suggesting, but the overwhelming hardness of his cock as he plunged deliberately into her told her he was dead serious. Her heart raced fiercely at the notion he was requesting. He actually wanted to fuck her while she laid there and pretended she was being fucked by her son! Audrey held a bewildered gaze on her young lover's face momentarily, as if she was trying to fully convince herself this was truly what he wanted. Ethan was leaving no doubt! The lust in his eyes blended wickedly with anticipation. Giddy excitement flooded Audrey's gut like a crashing wave as she closed her eyes, allowing the image of Ethan's face to morph into the image of her son's. In her mind, she allowed the sensation of the hard, generously endowed cock repeatedly impaling her quivering pussy to be that of Greg's, her imagination swimming in the possibility of being the object of her own son's desire. “Oh, Greg,” she whispered cautiously, the mere name escaping softly from her lips sending charges of intense pleasure rippling in her gut and up her chest. “Oh god, fuck me, Greg! Fuck your mother! Oh yes, fill your mother's pussy with that big, beautiful cock of yours!” Riding the most intense thrill he'd ever experienced, Ethan gazed lustfully at Audrey's face as he plunged in and out of her, his own mind swirling with the decadent visions that he knew must have been dancing in her mind as she laid there with eyes closed, using his thrusting cock as a surrogate for her son's. He withdrew slowly, but with each lunge forward, he pounded, forcefully impaling himself as deep as he could go, almost giddy with the delight of using his body, his cock to feed her forbidden fantasy. He tried to stay silent, not wanting his voice to invade her thoughts, but a heavy gasp occasionally escaped as he drowned in the pleasure her gripping pussy was giving his cock, her moans of ecstasy filling his ears like the heavy beat of a drum.


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