The Arkansas Family Reunion

Author: Monique "Mo" Beevir

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Suzi Arkansas has just turned 18, so this is the first year she gets to attend the annual family reunion at her grandfather's farm over the July 4th holiday. The first surprise: no one at the reunion is allowed to wear clothes. The second surprise: well, let's just say it's a much closer family than most, and they all believe in demonstrating how much they love each other. Every chance they get.

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Welcome to the reunion. The Arkansas clan is a close knit family. After all, Joe is married to his first cousin, and his brother Ed is married to Norma, Ed's twin sister. Joe's son Nick keeps suggesting he'd like to hump his sister Suzi (and who wouldn't? she's super hot). Nick is tall, handsome, and huge, and all of his female cousins, not to mention his aunts and his mom, all want some of that. No one ever wears clothes at these reunions, and it's always a really big deal when one of the Arkansas kids turns 18 and gets to attend for the first time. This year it's Suzi's first time, and the tall, super-model pretty redhead plans to enjoy every minute of it. From watching her brother play with himself as he watches their grandmother giving head to their father, to a hot threesome with her cousins Mollie and Ted, to the "milking contest" in the barn won by Nick and his mother, and the fireworks on the porch and lawn as the family watches the fireworks in the sky on the 4th of July, The Arkansas Family Reunion is a non-stop sexual encounter with one of the closest families in America.

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family, brother, sister, incest, nudist, group sex, farm
Monique "Mo" Beevir
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Monique "Mo" Beevir

Mo Beevir is the pen name of a Florida homemaker, part time stripper, and erotica author. In her spare time, Ms. Beevir takes care of her three children and four dogs, is a gourmet cook, and enjoys watching old movies and having wild, passionate sex with her husband.

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