Orgasm Incorporated: Book Three

Author: Karl Five

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This is the third book of the Orgasm Incorporated Series. It's set in a future where the population explosion has led to way too many people. Life is brutal and short. The business called Orgasm Incorporated supplies the very few Rich folks with whatever they want in the way of sex.

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Want to find out what goes on inside these strangely sensual buildings? If you like tales of bent, twisted, and omnisexual activities, open this book and come inside. (No pun intended, of course.) This is the third book of the Orgasm Incorporated Series. It's set in a future where the population explosion has led to way too many people. Life is brutal and short. The business called Orgasm Incorporated supplies the very few Rich folks with whatever they want in the way of sex. Book Three contains 8 stories from this totally perverted world. One of these stories will feature 55, the TransBoy who first appeared in Book One. Other stories will include some of the characters from Book Two, (including the non-human ones) plus several new characters. As will be true of all of the ebooks in this series, some stories are quite short and some are long. They range from the tragic and dramatic to the whimsical and amusing, but will always include sex of any and every kind that I can think of. Some characters will reappear over and over again, while others may not. Some stories will be part of a longer story arc, but each one will also be complete in itself. In case you’re curious, here’s a list of the stories. The Chain The Flower and the Boy The Scoping Mommy? The Cocksman and the Girl The Shemale Fatherhood: The Hard Way Medieval Dungeon: The Inquisitor

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Additional Info

erotic anthology, omnisexual, transsexuality, GLBT sex, graphic sex, BDSM, pansexual, group sex, graphic sex, orgasmic delight, hermaphrodite, exhibition and voyeurism, orgasm while being toyed
Karl Five
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Heat Level (5)
Karl Five
Orgasm Incorporated Series



I watch from my position against the wall behind my Client, who has been strung up stark naked in the middle of the room, his back to me, his wrists cuffed and pulled up over his head, and his ankles secured to the floor with his legs spread apart, but not uncomfortably so. He’s a big man, a little on the heavy side, but well-muscled. He’s been standing like this for 15 minutes now, ever since my two disreputable-looking assistants left him there to look around his surroundings. From where he’s tied, he can easily see several large torture devices in our fake Dungeon. He can also see a variety of smaller items lying on a table in front of him, each one clearly capable of inflicting pain. Long metal pins of varying lengths, wicked pincers, sharp knives, saws, thumbscrews, testicle crushers, and a hideous-looking dildo, among other things. Meanwhile, my assistants stand together against the side wall, watching that he isn’t in any real distress while they talk to each other, ostensibly discussing the fate of their previous victim and how much they enjoyed hearing her scream as I tortured her. This should be interesting. When I decided to study for Org Inc’s new Fantasy Specialty, I thought it would be a lot of fun to bring a Client’s fantasy to life, but I found out differently during my training. I’ve gotten used to the idea that not all fantasies are innocent and pleasurable, but this one is particularly vicious. The only reason I can bring myself to do this is because I know full well that I’m not going to cause any real harm to my “victim”. By the time I make my presence known, my Client is already uncomfortable and nervous. I stride over and stand in front of him, giving him a few seconds to look at me. I know I appear quite threatening. The long black monk’s robe. The crucifix hanging around my neck. The hood that casts a shadow over my face, and the half-mask that hides my features. After all, I wouldn’t want my Client to recognize me as someone he may already have used for his own pleasure prior to now. My eyes rake down over his body, then I take his genitals in my hand, smiling cruelly as if I’m eager to use my skills on this particular part of him. “Will you confess your guilt and repent now? Or would you rather make me wring the truth out of you the hard way?” I ask, giving his cock and balls a little squeeze as a reminder of his vulnerability. He glares back at me, but says nothing. I let go. “Very well, I’ll do it the hard way. You’ve already been accused of sorcery. I’m here to discover the truth of this accusation. It’s been said that you cast a spell on your neighbor’s young daughter, compelling her to sneak out of her house at night and lie with you on many occasions. When her father discovered she was with child, he forced her to reveal what had happened.” “That’s not true!” he declares fervently. “So I suppose that baby just appeared out of nowhere?” I suggest. “The girl came to me of her own free will!” “She says otherwise. She’s sworn an oath on the Holy Bible.” “She lies!” “That remains to be seen. Others have testified that they’ve seen strange lights in your house, and heard unholy noises. You’ve been brought here to be examined. If I find you guilty, you’ll be burned at the stake, like everyone else who has consorted with the Evil One.” I turn to my assistants. “Blindfold him and administer the truth drink. No one can resist that. We’ll soon find out if he’s lying.”


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Karl Five

The photo is indeed me, but it was taken over half a lifetime ago. As for me personally, I worked in healthcare for much of my life, but I'm now retired, so I spend most of my spare time writing. I live in the Sunny South, not too far from the hurricane-ridden shores of North Carolina, along with my partner, my cat, and a longtime friend.

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