Insatiable Stepdaughter, The Collection

Author: Belle Hart

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This is a collection of 5 erotic short stories. 18-year-old Erica finds passion with her stepdad, Bill, who teaches her how amazing sex can be.

Contains the stories: "Step Dad Likes to Watch", "Step Dad Sexes Me Up", "Busted Having Sex with Step Dad", "Sex at Step Dad's Office", and "Sex Vacation with Step Dad"

Length: 19,000 words.

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This is a collection of 5 erotic short stories. 18-year-old Erica finds passion with her stepdad, Bill, who teaches her how amazing sex can be.

Contains the following stories:

"Step Dad Likes to Watch":
18-year-old Erica and her boyfriend Blake have been doing it like rabbits while her stepdad Bill is at work. Little did Erica know, her stepdad was secretly filming them. When she catches him with a video tape, she's surprised by how turned on she is and how much she wants to have sex with Bill too.

"Step Dad Sexes Me Up":
18-year-old Erica is enjoying having sex with her stepdad, Bill, but Bill thinks she should try to make it work with her boyfriend, Blake. Erica decides to teach Blake something new about sex. They have a good time, but only Bill can blow her mind in the bedroom.

"Busted Having Sex with Step Dad":
18-year-old Erica is having amazing sex with her stepdad, Bill. She wants to break up with her boyfriend, Blake, but has been putting it off. It all ends abruptly, though, when Blake walks into her house to find her having enthusiastic sex with her stepdad.

"Sex at Step Dad's Office":
18-year-old Erica is depressed about her break up with her boyfriend. Her stepdad, Bill, takes her to his office one evening to keep her company, and they end up having wild kinky sex on his desk. They continue the sexual frenzy later at home.

"Sex Vacation with Step Dad":
18-year-old Erica's stepdad Bill surprises her with a vacation at a cabin in the woods, where they can have all the wild crazy sex they want without anyone interfering. And where Bill can teach Erica even more about sex.

Length: 19,000 words.

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Additional Info

stepfather, stepdad, stepdaughter, pseudo incest, taboo, daddy, daughter, barely legal
Belle Hart
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Heat Level (4)
Belle Hart
Insatiable Stepdaughter



He pulls the covers open and I crawl under them. Then he pulls the covers back to expose me. I raise my eyebrow. Then I roll over onto my stomach. Let's see what he can do with that.

He groans. Then he lies down on top of me. I moan with pleasure. I love touching him, feeling him lying on my back and butt and legs. He reaches underneath me to cup my breasts in his hands. I lift my torso a little so he can get a better grip. I rest on my elbows. He starts to massage my breasts. I feel wetness and desire start to flood me again.


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Belle Hart

Belle Hart is an erotica author who likes to write raunchy taboo stories, and occasionally sexy romance.

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