Lust for Blood

Author: Lauren Milfinger

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On a great estate in rural Leicestershire, the idyllic reunion of two school roommates is interrupted when Lady Anna begins to have strange, physically-exhausting dreams about their new neighbour, a mysterious nobleman who is never seen during daylight hours. A vampire has come to 1895 High Coulston, and it is up to Suzanne Willis, and three valiant men, to find and destroy him before he can turn her beautiful lover into a demon like himself.

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Suzanne's visit with Lady Anna Corwin, her old school roommate, was going very well indeed. They had resumed their relationship more or less where they had left off three years ago, once again sharing a bed and their most intimate moments. Lady Anna's brother, Lord Muntglare, was also a welcome participant in Suzanne's fantasies and, more than once, the fantasy became real. Even Lady Anna's maid added to the sensual ambiance of the wealthy country household, not only sharing her perfect body with both women, but maintaining a secret life as a pornographic novelist. But this idyllic world cannot last. A local shop girl, residence of a neighbouring farm, suddenly sickens and dies. An unknown girl is found near the village churchyard, her throat torn out and her body drained of blood. And Lady Anna is having strange, erotic dreams about their handsome new neighbour, the young Marquess Ravensbrook. These dreams have a physical nature, looking to Suzanne as if her friend was literally making violently passionate love to an invisible man. After each dream, Lady Anna is weaker. The local doctor diagnoses anaemia. When he calls in his old professor to consult, the old man suggests that the cause is a vampire. Set in rural Leicestershire in 1895, Lust for Blood is told in the epistolary style, and written in British English.

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Additional Info

Victorian, England, British, lesbian, rural, vampire, nobility
Lauren Milfinger
Heat Level
Heat Level (4)
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Later— ‘And on that cheek, and o’er that brow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent!’ Ah, but Byron had a way with him, though all say he was a dangerous man to know too intimately. I have done my evening duty to Lady Anna, and a bit more besides, and am most pleasantly satisfied to have been of service. Aye, and to be serviced, for tonight was more like it so often was in the days before Miss Suzanne came to visit. Lady Anna was partially disrobed when I entered her room. I helped her remove her skirt and petticoats, and then set about unlacing her corset. Miss Suzanne, who was already in her night dress, watched from the bed. The lacing loosened, I stood in front of Lady Anna and began to unhook her stays. She was looking at me curiously. ‘I have been neglecting you of late, have I not, dear Maureen?’ she said. I smiled inwardly at this, for when she addresses me by my Christian name, it is usually the prelude to imparting some particularly juicy bit of gossip, or to a more intimate encounter. I do love my mistress, particularly when she takes it into her pretty head to be naughty. I undid the last hook, pulled off her stays, and carried them to the little table where they were placed next to two other sets. ‘You’ve been busy with your friend, mum,’ I replied. ‘I’ve not noticed.’ ‘Still, it was unkind of me. You are not just a servant, you must know. I think of you as a friend, I honestly do.’ ‘I’m hardly of the proper social standing to be your friend, mum, no offence. I’m just an ordinary lady’s maid.’ A wealthy lady’s maid, I thought, but that didn’t change my status. ‘Nevertheless, I should like to give you a special reward this night. So would Suzanne. Do you think we might do that? I feel so sure you would find it quite a pleasant experience.’ I nodded acquiescence. Miss Suzanne got up from where she was seated on the edge of the bed, and together the two gentlewomen removed my clothing. Soon I stood there between them, naked as the day I was born. They quickly slipped out of the last bits of their own clothing and led me to the bed, bidding my lie on my back in the middle of it. I did as they bid, and one climbed into the bed on either side of me, Miss Suzanne to my left, Lady Anna to my right. They bent over me together, each of them swirling her tongue around a nipple, sucking it between their soft lips. Lady Anna, who knew me very well, nipped lightly with her teeth. I could feel two hands parting my legs, gentle fingers spreading my nether lips, caressing my secret places, causing me to gasp in surprise at the delightful sensations. Miss Suzanne trailed kisses down my body and began to tongue my delighted quim. Lady Anna began to kiss me on the mouth. Our mouths opened, and our tongues played their sensual game, just as they used to do. ‘Let me taste you,’ I whispered. ‘Let me lick the sweet nectar from your lovely cunt.’ She sat up, pulled herself up, and straddled my face, lowering her quim to my mouth. I set about tonguing her eagerly. It had been too long. Tonguing my mistress’s beautiful cunt felt wonderful, as did the sensations radiating from my heated loins as Miss Suzanne performed the same tribute on me. I could feel I was close to a powerful climax. My hips were moving involuntarily, as if I were fucking, to use the colloquially naughty term. Above me, Lady Anna was obviously at the height of ecstatic pleasure. The sweetly pungent juices seemed to pour from her depths, soaking my face, filling my mouth, acting as a trigger to my own ecstasy.


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About the Author

Lauren Milfinger

Lauren Milfinger is a southern girl, with a unique view of life, love, and sexuality. She is best known for her "autobiography," which she admits may be slightly embellished here and there, and as an old-style pornographic movie screenwriter. She lives with her younger brother and three cats.

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