Marina's Lovers: The Complete Marina Series

Author: Belle Hart

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This is a collection of 7 erotic stories about a prostitute and her favorite lovers. Contains the following stories: "Marina & the Teacher", "Marina & the Priest", "Marina & the Rock Star 1-4".

Length: 19,000 words.

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This is a collection of 7 erotic stories about a prostitute and her favorite lovers.

"Marina & the Teacher": Marina, an 18-year-old high school student and virgin, is in love with her married photography teacher, Mr. Norris. She doesn't think she has a chance until the day Mr. Norris seduces her in the darkroom.

"Marina & the Priest": Marina is a prostitute. One of her clients is Father Lin, a priest who likes to pay to undress her and stare at her naked body. But now he's decided he wants something more... to watch her pleasure herself.

"Marina & the Rock Star": Marina is a prostitute who has a rock star client named Trevor. The insatiable Trevor has flown her to his secluded California home for a few days of wild passionate sex.

"Marina & the Rock Star 2": Marina continues her vacation with Trevor at his secluded house as he fulfills his fantasies by trying out new and inventive sexual positions with her.

"Marina & the Rock Star 3" (story 1): Marina is new at being a prostitute & is shyer than she'd like. Her latest client, a rock star named Trevor, is more experienced in the bedroom & very willing to show her the ropes.

"Marina & the Rock Star 3" (story 2): When Marina decides to stop being a prostitute, she knows it won't be easy on her clients. She breaks the news to Trevor knowing full well he won't let her get away without one more passionate encounter.

"Marina & the Rock Star 4": Marina has given up her life of prostitution, but one of her old clients, rock star Trevor, has hired a private investigator to find her, insistent on rocking her world with one more night of incredible sex.

Length: 19,000 words.

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Additional Info

prostitute, rock star, rockstar, escort, hooker, musician, call girl, band, singer, whore, priest, preacher, teacher
Belle Hart
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Heat Level (4)
Belle Hart




I could say nothing, only nod and give a slight smile. My voice was locked somewhere in my throat as he pulled me inside with just the right sexy amount of roughness.

The room was bright, the bed was made, and before I could speak, he had tossed my hair clip aside and was kissing me against the door as my hair fell down around us.

His tongue knew magical tricks I'd had yet to experience when I met him. It was a wet energetic acrobat just desperate for a playmate. It found one in my mouth.


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Belle Hart

Belle Hart is an erotica author who likes to write raunchy taboo stories, and occasionally sexy romance.

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