Massaged and Forced

Author: Lizzy Eliot

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An erotic massage turns into a session of forced sex with mutiple partners.

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The touch of a male masseuse turns me on, makes me fantasize about him doing more than touching. On the second visit, the sensual massage becomes aggressive, with him taking things a lot further than I'd ever expected. When he brings in other men to enjoy me, hard and unprotected, they tie me up, blindofld me, and use me in every hole.

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Additional Info

anal, first-time double penetration, gangbang,
Lizzy Eliot
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Heat Level (5)
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I lay comfortably on the massage table, lying on my stomach. The room was warm and I was naked under a thick towel. I’d been in the sauna and was waiting for my massage. I looked up when the door opened and watched the masseuse walk over to me.

It was the same man I’d had last time. He was good. He was sexy— a tall man, rather lean but well muscled, probably in his forties, with short brown hair. He was bare chested and wore white cotton pants tied at the waist. I saw a pleasing bulge in his crotch. I noticed because I was planning to fantasize about the cock hidden in his pants while he took the tension out of my body.

He didn’t say a word at first, just took my wrists in his powerful hands and stretched my arms out over my head. I smelled soap and his masculine odor. His breath smelled of cloves. “Same as last time?”

He had a lovely growly, masculine voice.

“Yes.” I held my breath. “But a bit rougher. Go deeper.”

He smiled

. “I can do that. More sensual then?”

I was sure his cock twitched in his pants. “Yes, more sensual.”

He picked up an earthenware flask and poured an earthy scented oil onto my shoulders. It was warms and pleasant. He rubbed his hands in it, then worked it into my skin, his powerful fingers starting to dig into my muscles. He worked his down each arm all the way to the fingers. My arms grew limp and when he let go of my hand, it hung off the table. My fingers brushed against the bulge of his crotch and I tried not to notice. I wondered if he’d done that on purpose, for at the touch of my hand, the bulge swelled. He said nothing and I was feeling too relaxed to want to move.

He took the towel off me and put it aside. I was exposed to him then and he poured more oil on my back and spine, his hands spreading it over my back and down over my ass cheeks, raising goosebumps. His powerful hands began working it into me. The way he manipulated my muscles, I began to melt into the table. He worked smoothly, his fingers digging into my muscles as he worked from my shoulders down my back, bent over me, using his weight. Down he went, and as his bare hands worked into my waist and then my ass, I felt a tingle of arousal. The lady who ran the parlor had talked me into the idea of a male masseuse and right away I liked having a strong man give me a massage. The feeling his hands working on my naked body was exciting.

After the first time I’d gone home to Dave, my husband, and told him all about it. Dave isn’t the most adventurous sort, and it both frightened him and turned him on. He wanted to know how I liked having another man’s hands on my naked body. To tease him I told him how sexy if felt and then started talking about my fantasies, the ones that ran through my head while I was naked on that table, how I was thinking how wild it would be if he’d do more than massage my muscles. It got Dave shivering and so I told him that when the man’s fingers got close to my cunt, I’d got wet and that when he massaged my thighs I almost came.


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About the Author

Lizzy Eliot

Riverboat pilot, banjo player and deviant, Lizzy loves erotic situations and people. Especially the kind of hot, steamy situations you don't talk about with your parents, unless, of course, they are in on it.

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