Pregnant by my Father-in-Law

Author: Danielle Lux

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A horny wife.
A useless husband.
An alpha male father-in-law who won't take no for an answer.

Things are going to get messy...

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“Not inside me!” I whimpered. “Please Frank, not inside!” Sarah’s husband John is a weak man, and she’s fed up with it. He hasn’t been able to provide the pregnancy she wants, and he’s always getting pushed around by his dad, Frank. Frank is a selfish, horrible brute, but Sarah can’t help it… she’s got a huge crush on her father-in-law. Unlike her husband, he’s a REAL MAN. So when Frank starts making moves on her, Sarah is powerless to resist, getting down and dirty with her father-in-law while her husband sleeps. The only trouble is, there’s no way a man like Frank is pulling out...

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Additional Info

in law sex,in law erotica, father in law, in law, in laws, daughter in law
Danielle Lux
Heat Level
Heat Level (5)
Lux Publishing
Pregnant by my Father-in-Law



Frank fucked my mouth with wild abandon, sliding his ridiculous length in and out of my throat. I was gagging and spluttering, but he didn't care. I’m going to puke, I thought, but—by some miracle—I didn't. Frank’s huge balls smacked against my chin, two cum-filled tennis balls full of baby batter. This is wrong, I thought, I shouldn't be doing this. But there was something about Frank that was impossible to resist. Plus, his cock was incredible. I felt my pussy get wetter as I imagined what it would feel like to be stretched by Frank’s monster meat. Thoughts of John, fast asleep upstairs while his dad had his dick down my gullet, ran through my head. I should have felt guilty, but instead I felt turned on. I gasped for air as Frank pulled his cock out of my mouth, a torrent of spit flowing from my lips. Frank looked down at his saliva-covered rod. “Right,” he said, grinning, “that's the lube sorted. Now let's fuck that little pussy.” He positioned his monster cock head at the entrance to my tunnel, rubbing it on my flaps. “Wait,” I said, “have you got a condom?” Frank laughed. “I thought you were trying to get pregnant?” he said.


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Danielle Lux

Danielle Lux loves writing naughty stories. The dirtier and more *taboo* the better.

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