Shore Leave (Book 3 of "Fantasy Charters")

Author: Blair Erotica

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When there's not enough chartering work to pay the bills, Lateenya has to give Roger indefinite shore leave. Her brother, Tommy, finds him a job doing boat work at the marina for a couple. The wife is hot and more interested in what skills he has that will pleasure her. Then there are other women that seem drawn to Tommy, and some lovely chances for interracial group sex.

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Chartering is an iffy business and when there's not enough chartering work to pay the bills Lateenya has to give Roger indefinite shore leave. Her brother Tommy finds him a job doing boat work at the marina for a couple. The wife is hot and she’s much more interested in finding out what Roger can do to her than any work he can do on the boat. She initiates the action with her husband nearby. The action continues in the evenings, with Tommy taking him to a club where they connect with some women tourists eager for a smoking time, and Tommy and he give them bareback pleasure in some steamy interracial group sex.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Caribbean erotica, anal, cuckold, hot wife, group sex, interracial sex, hardcore sex
Blair Erotica
Heat Level
Heat Level (3)
Boruma Publishing, LLC
Fantasy Charters



The windlass was bolted through the deck with metal stress plates sandwiching the top and bottom and six large bolts held it secure. Those bolts were now frozen tight. That meant that while one person worked on them from the top, someone else had to hold them from below. Getting at them meant getting into the forepeak, a narrow spot in the very bow. There was a cabin there, and the small hatch that opened into the forepeak was at the head of the bunk. They had stripped the bedding off, but someone had to crawl in through the hatch and lie on his back half in and half out of the space, working overhead. The forepeak wasn't ventilated and it was hot in there. No matter what you did, you'd be working with sweat streaming down your body. The worst was when the sweat inevitably ran into your eyes and stung viciously. The work on deck wasn't exactly easy, but whoever had that end of things would be far more comfortable, which naturally meant it would be the guy paying the bills who did that job and I would be working below. "To make it a little easier on you, Anne will hang around the forward cabin and hand you tools as you need them," Stan said. "It will help if you aren't constantly scrambling back and forth." So I took off my tee shirt. I wore no shoes so that left me in my shorts. I caught a look and a smile from Anne as Stan went up to the foredeck with his tool box. I tried not to think of that smile as I put the toolbox Tommy had loaned me on some clean rags that Anne had spread out on the bunk. I undid the fastenings that held the watertight hatch in place and crawled through the small opening, wiggling in on my back, already slippery with sweat. Anne handed me some old blankets that I used to make a bit of a mattress to cushion the place where the hatch opening wanted to dig into my back. With my head under the windlass, I was outside the hatch from the waist down. "Start with the bolt nearest the bow and we will work clockwise from there, from my perspective," Stan shouted down. "Okay," I said and Anne handed me the wrench. As Stan had thought, the bolts were frozen tight. He had sprayed them with a solvent and eventually that would help loosen things, but at first we couldn't budge it. I called to Anne to hand me a dogging wrench, which is a tube that you fit over the handle of the wrench, effectively lengthening the handle to provide extra leverage. She had to get up on the bunk and pass it through the hatch over my body. She worked efficiently and quietly, but as she moved toward the hatch, I felt her fingers move up under the leg of my shorts. I opened my mouth silently when her fingers found my cock, gently wrapped around it, and squeezed. "I like to see a workman with good tools," she said as she began stroking my cock. I stifled a moan. "I can see the problem," she said. "It is a matter of tight nuts. Maybe I can help." As I struggled to get the tube over the handle of the wrench, Anne pulled my shorts down. My stiff cock had to look absurd waving in the cabin with me still in the forepeak, but it wasn't the least funny when I felt her warm and wet lips surround the head of my cock. I trembled when her tongue ran across the tip. Then she grabbed it firmly with her hand and gave it a long and slow lick from stem to stern before I felt it slip deep in her mouth.


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